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It wasn't just smugglers ya know.
Kyp just wants to prove himself a good guy after what he did. This makes him the first into combat without thinking. I never liked him. Maybe after his encounter with the Vong will he wise up.
Salvatore got NJO off on the wrong foot. Stackpole brought it back to an extent, as much as he possilby could, but the damage was already done.
=========Spoilers about NJO=============

I like many of the things that Stackpole did.
He brought back Wedge and Tycho, but I want Ackbar back!
Also, it would be cool to see Wraith squadron commissioned again as a fighter squadron.
Even tho Solo was in the books by Stackpole for 3 lines tops, you really got the impression of how much he's suffering from Chewie's Death.
I also loved seeing the Imperial Remnant help out the New Republic and seeing what happened to Wedge's Sister. There are a lot of questions answered in this series, hopefully Salvatore won't write another one.

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