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i look around.i only see corpses.i look up.only bloodied roofs.everywhere i look,i only see death."what the hell......." i said to myself.a looked around a corner and saw somthing dash behind a door,then it locked,and once again i was completely alone with corpses.i tried hacking the the code worked,but as soon as the door opened somthing attacked knocked me to my feet and had a rifle pointed in my face."damn.....trandoshans....." i thought.i quickly hopped up behind him,grabbed his shotgun,and shot him in the back of the head."if theyre here...then what else is..." i said looking at the corpse.i looked to the right and more trandoshans-or surviving clones-dashed into the cloning center.when i caught up,they were trandos and was at his feet,with an armed trando behind him.when i got closer,he noticed me at shot the clone in the head.i tossed some cryboan grenades at them and they froze.standing there,like they were statues.the clones ran off,trying to escape to a shuttle with their lives."heh.cowards."i said to myself.i ran off after them and a bunch of trandos armed with swords jumped out."nice toys.mind if i try?!?!" i yelled and grabbed two from the trandos."you wanted a fight,and you have one."i yelled at them....

the covenant is invading!
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