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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
And I know I've used the 2nd one before

Besides, I like my smilies, choice = good... in fact, I had a friend watching over my shoulder and he commented on how kewl it was that these forums had so many awesome emoticons... his forums were lacking neener neener... hehehe
I knew I had seen the second one used somewhere. Anyway, I completely agree! Choice=good!

The only thing I could suggest is reordering them. Maybe by most popular/used. It's not a major thing, though, but some of the more useful ones are hard to find sometimes.

Originally Posted by Thrik
Most people memorize a select half-dozen or so that they like and then manually type in the code frequently, rather than continually open up the whole page. I don't think it can really be considered an issue.
Well, there you go. Problem solved.(even for my suggestion, too ) Then all you need to do is check the smilies page every now and then to see if they added any new ones you might want to use. As you read post, you might also come across a few that you think are cool and just check the code then.

Ofcourse, if you dont want to do all that, just stick with the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.....(why the heck did that pop in my head..... )

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