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I didn't really like anything about BFC.

K-Mac is a good author, and a good military author, but he forgets sometimes that warfare in Star Wars isn't fought like conventional warfare.

K-Wings, frex. They were designed for atmospheric bombing attacks, and thus don't work well in space (they need escorts). In the Star Wars Universe, spacecraft can operate in atmosphere much better than all but the most advanced airspeeders; they're faster, more powerful, and more agile. Atmospheric craft don't need to work in space because there's always a spacecraft that can do the job better.

Besides, proton torps and conc missiles are not connected via external hardpoints. Their launchers might be, but the ordnance itself usually stays inside an armoured hull.

Personally, I prefer the K-Wing opt for XWA; as tough as the B-Wing, but faster and manoeuvrable enough to hold her own in a dogfight.

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