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Think about, the BEST book HAs to be the original Trilogy ! If not for them, this would not be in existance ! Plus, not ust that, but they are bloody good on their own anyway. IN at second comes Shadows of the Empire, which I regard as Episode 5.5 becasue of how good it is. It fits in so well, and yet adds new depth and characters, and ideas, such as the largest criminal organisation in the galaxy NOT being the rebel alliance, na dhow there may be IS no honour amongst theives.....
Splinter of Minds Eye has to be the........ most dissapointing star wars book. was alright, but the writer Alan Dean Foster (Alien Legacy bloke) could have come up with better.
LIke the compilations : Tales of the Empire and Tales of the Aliance especially.
I know that it sounds like I havent read a lot, but I have:
Visions of Future
Spectre of Past
Truce at Bakura
X-Wing series 1/2/3/4/6/8
Crystal Star
Tales from the Empire
Tales from the Alliance
Original Trilogy
Shadows of the Empire
Tyrant's Test
Hand of Thrawn
Courtship of Princess Leia
and more (my local library REALLY hates me !)

Plus : Flying Beastie, NOTHING will EVER replace the B-Wing Assault Bomber just for it's sheer versatility for such a bomber. It's small profile makes it great ship for capitol ship runs and they are fast enough to give turbo-laser crews a headache, AND they are such a small target. They are also well known for providing X-Wings and E-Wings with cover fire - X- and E-Wings.
It is my prefered ship so (far so taht i am making a personnalised B-Wing opt called the 'White Witch')
Anyway, Ackbar designed it, so it can NOT be bad !

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