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I know this post is a bit out of date but I had to get my word in.

Best Author: Timothy Zahn (by a long shot!)
Best Book: The Thrawn Trilogy (Hiers to the Force, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command)
Worst Book: I would have to agree with the OTHER Thrawn and say Tales of the Bounty Hunters books
Hardest Book to read: The only one I thought was hard to read was the original
"A New Hope" this may sound strange but everything was soo detailed that you kinda lost track of what was ACTUALLY going on (even though the movie is almost identical)
Hardest Author to read: It would be whoever wrote that book I got sitting on top of my computer center collecting dust and probably even growing mold by this point. (I wouldnt be surprised if it DID grow mold!)
By the way.....since im not gonna read about the death of chewie, ahem, how, exactly does this author KILL one of the best characters in the trilogy?
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