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wow. when i posted this I had no idea that it'd get this response.

I would like to say all the to all the people who dislike Vector Prime for the sole fact Chewie dies, get over it. Something had to be done to shake up the series. Read half the reviews out there. Everyone is getting sick of either a unknown dark jedi or a imperial superweapon of some sort emerging (one or the other was happening in every Bantam book post Kevin J Anderson except for Stackpole and Zahn). Very few if any characters died. Dorsk 81, Crix Madine, Gariel Capitson, Ton Phanan, Grinder, Jesmin Ackbar, (forgetting some Rogues and Wraiths here) are the sole major "good guys" who died. They were at war. It was very unrealistic not know some casualties who were very very close to them. I hope the whole new jedi order has a ton of casualties. Let this little family who've we grown up with/gotten to know, be shaken to their foundations. Let them finally suffer. War is not pretty. The last chapter where Han is talking about level of comfort etc. should make that clear. The game is changed. Del Ray has made star wars fun and unpredictable. Bantam made it dull (kevin j anderson almost ruined the whole series). I like the new han that was emerging. he was always supposed to be a scoundrel with a heart. well break his heart. let's see how destructive he can get. how bad can he hurt his family.

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