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The next book in the X-Wing series will be (by me) called....

Star Wars : X-Wing - B-Wing !
You may know of my extreme respect for the B-Wing Assault bomber, and may have seen me trying to recruit for a group called Nova Squadron (unsuccesfully at that). Well, I didnt realise that Nova Squadron was ALREADY an elite B-Wing group - its the one stationed aboard the Mon Remonda (Great minds think a like).
As such, Im gonna do a book when Zsnji changes tack and only uses capitol ships, rendering the X-Wings and A-Wings useless, and so my 2nd fave group (B-Wings are good- but the Rogues and Wraiths will ALWAYS be No.1).
Plus there are no named members (Post to correct if Im wrong) so I can put myself in charge - Cmdr Jon Adamson, CO of Nova Squadron. How cool would that be !

Nove Squadron, Elite B-Wing flight group stationed aboard the MC Oracle, home of the tech library.

'No capitol too large, no corvette too armed. NOVA squadron, for ALL your extermination needs. Our special at the moment - Eclipse Star Destroyers !'
Commander Jon 'DFMD' Adamson - leader of Nova Squadron (B-Wing ID = 'The White Witch')
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