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How about if, during a botch job on the Vong side, we discover an unexpected weakness, which a B-Wing is best developed to take advantage of...

Imagine this - a Vong spy finds out about a large gathering of ships above Man Calamari, thinking it is a strike force, and so suggests that they should be struck down fast before they get a chance to launch.
Meanwhile, Akbar is at Mon Cal. for a special ceremony, as the large number of assembled ships are actually ships that, despite the current war, are simply too old for service, and are to be decomissioned. But the Vong dont realise this, and so appear, and assault the group. They are get hammered, and only a few ships manage to get their weapons online, but most offensive systems were deactivated and dismantled. Among the few who can get some weapons working are a flightgroup of Y-Wings and 2 lancer frigates. Unfortunatly, only the ions come on-line on the lancers, but much to everyones suprise, ever hit the ions scores also scores a kill !
As such, the New Republic look in to it, as it is no the first time this has happened, as when they attempted to capture a Vong ship with ions, they assumed it 'self destructed', but this sheds new light.
IN order to take full advantage of this new theory, the call in a veteran of the Zsinji wars, a friend of Solos.
As Solo puts it - 'Another relic for the collection !'
'Heh - antique at most !' says Commander Jon Adamson of Nova Squadron.
Well, with THREE ion canons, B-Wings are now best equipped to deal with the Vong.
And if you think that the ions idea is dumb, ill add another post after this when Im free to explain why it is actually feasable...

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