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Good point, but....

1) DovinBasal would be one of the first things to be fried once hit, because whilst they deflect/absorb shots, the republic has been able to destroy Vong craft, meaning some shots get through and ions have the same chance of gettinf through, and as apposed to needing a large number of blaster shots to get through, it could take as few as 2 Ion shots to get through to nail it, meaning that the probability and odds are in our favour (apologise to all corellian-wannabes out there for telling you about odds)

Coral - um, kinda didnt think about that one....
But Ions are not pure electricity them selves are they, yet they still travel through starship hulls... They are, well, I dont quite know their composition, but they are not electricty, as you cannot fire electricity across such distances like that in that form.
Plus - heh - its fiction, how about a little artistic licence ! lol !

But thanks for raising the points - keep 'em coming folks...

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