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Why not. Yoda is supposidly the greatest Jedi ever ! Why couldnt he face down some Sith punk whose 3 times his height ?

Anyway. I reckon that the next two will be as follows :

I think that Anakin will turn to the dark side n this episode, and so Yoda will fiight Sidious, who has come for his new appentice, and Mace will fight Anakin (well, defend against him anyway) and die.

Episode 3 wil have the Jedi hunt begin, with Mandalorians in the picture as they were a great Jedi hunting race (Boba Fett enter big time now) and Obi-Wan catches up with Anakin. Fight breaks out, and Anakin falls in vat of acid. Thats at START of film. We then see the new Anakin, partially formed into Darth Vader later in the film for final fight, and then roll on credits.

Heh - we REALLY need an extra episode in here somewhere ! What about the Rebel Alliance.
Why is Naboo so heavily featured ?
And why did they have to choose that 'orrible little Jake Lloyd for Anakin - he CANNOT act. He SO badly fouled up what couldve been a great fighter assault sequence....

Um, strayed a bit there... err - well thats my current theory.... tada ?

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