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WOW - some one didnt read that book properly....
He couldnt jump to it because the falcon was not close enough, the wind was blowing too strongly, the ground beneath him went ape !
And - wookies arent tree climbers - they are tree DEWLERS - slight differnece !

Anyway, back to the point - as for the next death (if in deed another death DOES occur, and bearing in mind the response Chewie's death recieved, it may be a while (shame really))- Lando is probably gonna get it. I dont know why - but i reckon he is next. After all, he has done VERY well for him self, when you consider he was originally gonna die in the Endor Tunnel Run against the DSII (Remember han saying 'he had a bad feeling he wasnt gonna see the falcon again', and the large obstacle that 'was too close', well - in the first test showing - he died (did a Rendar !) but he was too liked - people hated that part, and os it was re-written, and he lived, albeit a little bit luckly !)
May be he is gonna have some other weird and wonderful ship for the republics use (like the miners and shield ships last time), and so the Vong decide that he is too bigger threat for one man, and is removed from the equation.
Plus, it would be compounding the loss Han feels, and so Han will then get to reckless, and die himself.
The whole thing becomes more personal, and Leia goes for revenge, but dies. Luke feels thta it was a waste of good peoples lives, and dies trying to deal retrebution...

Or may be not !

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