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why is someone else goign to die? because that is the word from the publishers, and the author reported htat he is faced with a delemma of having to kill a chracter

WOW - some one didnt read that book properly....
He couldnt jump to it because the falcon was not close enough, the wind was blowing too strongly, the ground beneath him went ape !
And - wookies arent tree climbers - they are tree DEWLERS - slight differnece !
Uh Wookies are tree climbers, taht is why they have huge retractable claws. YOu need to read the Black Fleet crises, and the Han solo Trilogy to get the info that jsut like out monkeys, Wookies climbe trees.

here is the excerpt from the book about chewies death

Han's eyes widened with horror; Chewie thrust the toddler into hans arms before he could begine to move, and then the wookie tuned about and half ran, half rode the wind to catch up with the fallen Anakin.

Han handed off the toddler and rushed back for the cockpit, knowing the two could neer get back to the falcon against this mounting storm. He brought the Falcon un fast but steady, moving to the spot even as Chewie lifted anakin in his arms.

han locked her in place and rushed back to the landing ramp, psuhing aside those who moved into postion to help. but the Falcon couldn't hold position now, and she drifted up and to the side--or maybe it was the ground dipping down to the side--her engines roaring in protest.

"Chewie!" he cried, hanging right off the ramp now. Several others crowded about han, holding him in place by the legs. He reached despertaly for the wookie, but the Falcon was up too high.

Chewbacca gave his freind a resigned, contented look, then threw up anakin into Han's waiting arms.

The ground rolled and buckled, and suddenly, Chewie was far, far, away.
Now, 2 facts here, Chewie was able ot throw Anakin up to han

before, wookies could easily carry han in a "Toddler bag" while climbing the trees in Kashyyyk, without ANY problem. Now for you who dont know, there are a few basic things abot clibming trees in aforest, you either climb up the tree, climbout to a brach, or jump from branch to brach.

Chewie could have jumped, and it was lame death because there were so many "problems" that CHewie couldnt be saved, i think the Auther took this scence, and came up with all the ways he COULD succed, and made a problem so that it couldn't, winds, buckling ground, no one else could pilot, or go out and grab, couldn't land, anakin couldnt help bnecause he was unconsious.. and so on.

lame death, and a real pissy way for the best side kick to go
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