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it's not a matter of bringing back characters, it's a matter of using characters to their fullest.

I do like the NJO as a whole, but my big ***** about it is that the characters are hardly used to the fullest. The only exception is the Stackpole books and his character Corran Horn.

Don't just add another character for the sake of adding a character or bringing one out of retirement. Develop a character or 3. 3 major subplots (minimum) in a 300 page novel isn't too much.

As far as Ackbar goes, he's probably old. He could be dead. He's not the most interesting of characters. Haven't heard from Karrde or even Booster. There's no push for Mon Mothma to return. She did basicly run the Rebellion and set up the political mess. I'd even like to see luke get more developed then he is. anything. just character development. not character quantity.

This is star wars, not war and peace.

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