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Well, i am jsut geting to the climax, and so far with most NJO books i dislike the idea of a "onstoppable enemy" THe politics are starting to remind me of the US policxy during the Veitnam war. Only that we never one a single battle.
basic plots for NJO novels are:

Characters have some minor internal problem.
Characters stumble onto Vong plot
Characters make msitakes on Vong plot, or misiterpate, or cant do anything to stop vong plot
Characters bumble around trying to save whats left of a planet
Chracters then start playing "blame game"

of course i cannot give an honest review. I think the storyline with Jacens unwillingness to use the force is a load of crap. Luke, Han, and liea rasied him better then that.

Typically author uses an "injury" to limit a characters abilites (not saying who, but it is easy to figure out)

interesting book, but unsatisfying as a star watrs book
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