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You missed the question. It was asking for a Review of Balance Point. Not the NJO. Well I apreciate the atempt, your bias is known to me and defeats the purpose. Do what you said you were going to do, stop reading/buying the books.

I will contend with you the point on Jacen. Luke has stopped using the Force too. He did so at the suggestion of Mara during the Hand of Thrawn Dualogy. The line being you can't hear a whisper when you're always shouting. He now only uses it when absolutely necessary. By doing this according to what I'm able to infer from the books, he is more intuned to the actual Life Force that he draws off of.

To top that all off, Han and Leia really didn't raise him much beyond his teen years (and usually they forbade him and his siblings from using the Force). He was at the Academy after that. Luke didn't really have much input either. Kam Solussar, Tionne, and Streen basicly took care of the younger Jedi. Luke was only involved in the last details of instruction.

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