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Thumbs up From a preson who dislikes NJO...

Buy balance point.... NOW!!!!

Great ending, very unexpected

kinda makes the war with the Vong more personal. My one complaint is the Lazyness, and stupidity of the Republic goverment, let the governemtn control polotics, and let the military control the military.

Tho near the end, i realized what was happening HAD to happen.... if there is a going to be a end to the series.

Han, Jacen, Jaina, Luke, Mara have major roles

Droma has a minor role, as wel as C3PO, and R2

the Warmaster struts his stuff

Nor Amor shows up where you least expect it.

and you learn a valuble bit of information about the Vong Gods in the book. And things start becomeing more clear.

Well done, this book is given my Force Seal of approvel

um... wrong pic...
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