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Originally posted by Jem:
hehe I can see no one is interested in this SW movies forum and you know why?? kuz episode one was a real big disapointment compared to the good first 3 SW movies.
so were the updates brought to those good old 3 episodes that should have been left untouched!
um, the flannel one mainly did those becaseu he did not have the Budget to do them in the first place, and overall they do not really effect the storyline much, just htink of it as a Late version of the Directors cut.

C'mon why don't they realize that super extra humoungus extrem fantastic effects doesn't give a super extra humoungus extrem fantastic movie.
No they dont, taht is one of the main problems about TPM, it can not stand alone as a movie by iteslf, it was a buncha mini-films and a showcase of New Special Effects. But that does not mean SW OY shoudl be ignored, the story is still there, and from what i ahve herd of EP2, it looks to be a great movie, one of the Best maybe

I remember the women Alien singer/dancer in Jubba the Hutt base on "the return of the jedi episode" she was really funny the way she was created and that was the kind of thing that made the movie special But now in the remake they did this digitalized alien that really went to far.
I assume you mean Sny Snootles, well, that is one of the Problems with ROTJ, it turned into a Sci-FI muppet show. I think it was great to have Sny done as CGI, and it made the character look a lot more lifelike.

Yes the new LA movies will be nothing like the original ones. And that mostly, I think, is cause of all the digitalizing.
No, taht is becasue of our veiwpoint, we ahe elarned to love and ahve fond memories of the OT, now we ahve something new to look at and we are allways going to compare it yto the glorified version of the OT

I don't think I'll bother waste my money to go see episode 2 and 3
Thats your opinion, but i think after 4 months of it being in the theaters you might want to change your mind.. at least see it at matinee prices. I have talked to one of the Artists at the ranch who worked on EP1 and now is workign on EP2. he main comment, however little, is "be ready for suprises" and "give Jar Jar a chance"

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