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The lift went down, but not very far. When it stopped, the wall opened and lights came on, revealing a very long hallway. The group moved down the hallway until it ended. On their right, they found a door. When they reached the door, it opened and they stepped into a large and very well lit room.

"Wait a moment," the AI said. "Stand off to the side of the room."

They obeyed and a small starfighter landed in the center of the room. Nadira frowned.

"How the hell did that thing get down this far?" she wondered. Caitlin gasped.

"That's Riebe's ship!" she exclaimed. The cockpit opened and its pilot leapt out, flipping in midair and landing in a crouch in front of the group.

"You're not Riebe," Caitlin frowned. There was a laugh and the pilot removed the helmet.

"No, I am not," she answered. "I am ArC."

"Ar-cee?" Erica asked, sounding out the name.

"That's right," the young woman answered. "ArC."

((Flamehart, this is a clone of Arina the Sith Hunter, so Craig would recognize her. JM, if JM showed Roma pictures of the Sith Hunters, Roma would recognize her also.))

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