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I liked the new Sy Snoodles (believe this is the correct spelling - but flame me if im wrong) and Max Rebo - they looked good - and it worked kinada well, as it gave the oppurtunity for More Boba Fett.

As I said last time some was toasting the Remasterd Release (STILL cant elieve theyre gonna rerelease it !!) :
It wasnt just the big, obvious bits. I have watched it enough to see the more subtle additions - like when luke proclaimes to palpatine - 'You have failed your highness", it was see luke, see emporer. Now, they look back at luke a second time, to show his resolve is strong, that he is not gonna give in, and THEN you see the emperor get 'upset'...

Ill add later - but you know it to be true - look inside yourself...

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