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I know - my description needs huge work, was relying on speech too much, although I appear to have worked through that. Im not chapter 4 I think now.

Im starting the intelligence run, and also have a recovery misison to go...

I was thinking of putting it ALL up, but :
1) That will spoil it
2) I wouldn't be the most popular XWA member as loading this topic would take ages.

As such, may be one of you guys would like to host it on your site...... (puppy eyes over here )

PS - can anyone remember any of following :
1) In which book did the rebels liberate Ackbar from the shuttle via a Y-wing group (Was it the short story collection 'Tales from the Empire ?')
2) Who was the Imperial Officer on the shuttle that kept Ackbar as his slave
3)Why did they liberate Ackbar

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