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Wow - cheers for the support !

Thrawn - you da man ! It won't be the prettiest page on your site, but if that is okay with you, then I may just take you up on that.

Nute - cheers for the info. Im carrying out a continuity check at mo, and what you've supplied suggest that Im on course.

As for Mr Barnard - wow ! Straight to the mark. I like the description you agve - I'll have to incorporate that in the final speech by Ackabr/Madine (haven't decided yet) at the end of 'Redemption' (part 3).

Again - thank you all for your support - and be assured, when (thats WHEN, not IF - Im nothing if not determined) I get this book done and published - you three are in the foreward dedication !

How about an Update as Im here :
Im half way through part 1 I reckon, third maybe.
I have started the recovery operation for Ackabr. Gold Squadron are the Y-Wings I chose (Ill post a bit of their briefing session with Madine later, possibly at Thrawn's place)
Infiltrator has been dropped in for a Imp mission in to facility where Endeavour was built, but I have a little surprise lined up for her.....
And I have figured what the next two parts are going to look like.

You may have noticed taht I haev greatly increased the scope of my original idea, from JUST the period of time when the B-Wing was developed, to before, and indeed, as will be seen, a while after. And the B-Wing is not the only introduction - The Lieutenant Class Calamari Frigate, the Nebulon B, and soon, a ship well known as the 'Redemption' (it's a good twist, and where Barnard's description will be used)

Cheers guys - and heres to a classic in the making !

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