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I real;ise that yopu guys probably aren't interested anymore, but just for my own sanity if nothing else then, I have started Part 2 "Solution", although I haven't finished part one yet. I just wanted to start it, as I was feeling as if I wasnt getting anyway, and fast !
I have added more little storyline fill ins to cover for details and things never explain - Ackbar is the subject of this fill-in-the-gaps at the moment. And I have done a continuity check, and found Im a dope. I was using Crix Madine as a main character, but he doesn't join until Rogue Squadron years, but my story is before even Battle of Yavin, so I have changed to Dodonna. It works well, and it is nice to use him, as he hasn't been used before as far as Im aware. After all, half the fun is the challenge.
And Im sorry to have been out of the loop for so long. Im chrismas break from college, and dont have home internet access. Im actually in an Net Cafe for this post - feels weird !
Thrawn, if your still up for hosting my pet project, then I will start to do some HTML. So far, I have an outline in my mind, but thats all.
See ya guys !

PS - Hope you all had a great x-mas. Was Santa kind ? He was to me - I got some money, so bought a Gullimott Force Feed Back Joystick, with free copy of Incoming, and it only cost me 40 in the Dixons sale - last one as well - how sweet is that. Forcefeed back in an A-Wing......
Happy New Year Peeps !

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