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No - B-wings were not SEEN until ROTJ. Thats why im asking. Its not really all that clear.
Ackbar was involved, and he was rescued before the Deathstar incident, because he was Tarkins slave, but then again, he didn't show till ROTJ himself.
Could it be possible that the whole B-wing/Nebulon incident was taking place before the Yavin incident, possibly with the Nebulon crisis finished a few weeks before Yavin. I hope so, as I read it that way, and have worked to that.
It could be possible, as a new class of ship would take a while to fully design and build, so the B-Wings featuring in my book are first generation advanced prototypes (but pretty much the finished piece). There would not be many for a while of course. Look at the A-Wing - it was not in huge numbers till late on near ROTJ, as they were built in very small numbers by small facilities that werent even Rebel owned, merely rebel allined or sympathetic.

Im not saying -"Wrong, boy, wrong !!" as I have neither the right, nor the knowledge, but if it's not clear, do you think it feasible ?

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