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Direction Battlefront II Is Going

So, do you like the direction Battlefront II is currently going?

I think it's going in an ok direction. But there are some items that I don't like:

Space Combat- When I saw the two new videos, I was a bit disappointed. I really didn't like that the capital ships weren't moving an inch, and the interiors were generally the same for the Mon Cal cruiser and the Star Destroyer, save for the color. And the Calamari cruiser itself... really didn't look like one at all.

~Ships-The ships themselves were pretty good, but I didn't like it that the TIE Interceptor had missiles. Also, for the transports, the Empire had the shuttle seen in Episode III (???), and the Rebels had the Repiblic Gunship. Maybe the developers put those in because they didn't finish the transports fot the Galactic Civil War in time for the presentation, but I really hope that changes.

Maps-The maps shown just seemed too small. Esepiaclly on Geonosis, it just seemed like two bunkers on a flat plain. Hopefully the map is just for the campaign.

Heroes-Way too many heroes. This is a grunt game, and while I can see playable Jedi (as they were in the first game) included, but Princess Leia? Woo, blaster pistol and thermal detonaters, just like a Rebel trooper. I really, really hope you can turn heroes off in single and multiplayer.

I know I come off like a whiner, but I really think these are some big issues. But enough about my opinion; what do YOU think of Battlefront II's current direction?
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