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Yes - my book again, but I think this is almost funny....

....and when I say almost funny, I mean the borderline between funny and the 'oh crap' place, rather than funny and unfunny.

I have completed my continuity check to discover that I was wrong. Whole event wasn't till month after Yavin. Also found out that every bit of the storyline I had come up with was uterlly WRONG !!!!!

Nearly 27K words, not finished of course.

I have found the REAL, official and widely accepted history, and have discovered that I can transfer alot of my writing accross, so I am starting from scratch.

Is this devotion, determination, fanatism, or sheer stubborness ? who cares, cause I AM gonna do it.

I have my new tale all set out, so I can quickly make progress (in 1 days, done 6.5K words, although some of that rescued from previous 'druaght' as I have dubbed it.)

Laugh if you will, but I think that this is an important project in the whole scheme of things, showing that amongst all of us tech heads, we can also write a good tale of intrigue and action. And would make a noice addition to site.

But then again, this project isn't an official project... yet... Anyone reckon it could look good as official and accessable at all times ?

May be it could be a whole new project - the Heraldry Project, or the Fill-in Project.. (Yeah - okay, Ive not thought it through that much...)

Thats all .... for now anyway.. HAHAHAHA!!!

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