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Did you installed the mod correctly? You need ot extract the files from the .rar file into your override directory. Make sure you don't put them into a subfolder.

For complete information about mod installation and .rar files, read this thread

Originally Posted by KOTOR fan
Sorry it was just confusing to me. do u know what website im talking about. there was no readme in the download.
huh? There is a readme in the download: Redemption robes _MUST READ.txt

Originally Posted by KOTOR fan
Anyways can some1 tell me who to talk to about getting into skinning and modding. I would like to start doing that so I can make people happy when bioware or obsidian leaves something out that they want. Plus for my own needs and fantasys
Check the sticky tutorials at the top of the forums. If you have questions after reading, then just ask your questions on the boards and people will help you. You'll find what you need to get started here:
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