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Originally Posted by Darth_Pavel
Has anyone attempted to create and/or edit anyone of these files?

As a reason to why I'm asking this, I've noticed that not all files that the player had in K1 is used. I'm planning on having K1 use all of these, but because no tool for ssf editing is available (there's one of NWN, but not KotOR) it seems impossible to do. If there is a tool that edits KotOR .ssf files, let me know or post a link. Thanx.
Soundset (SSF) files in Kotor/TSL are essentially just a list of StrRefs, linking a dialog.tlk entry to a specific sound "slot" for a particular event.

As such, the sounds themselves are set in the dialog.tlk file, where each string in the TLK file can have a sound associated with it. You can use a TLK editor such as KotorTLK or TalkEd to add new entries to your dialog.tlk file for your new soundset entries.

To aid in editing the Soundset (SSF) files i threw together a small tool a few moments ago. Since it's about an hour old it's possible there are some bugs and quirks in it. So if you want to try it, make sure you make backups of your files first. It seems to work though with some quick testing. You can get it here if you want it.

Using that program you can associate existing dialog.tlk entries that you have added with the sound slots for the various game events.

As seen there are a few "Unknown" sound slots at the end which I am unsure if they are used in Kotor/TSL. I did some quick looking around and didn't spot any SSF file which had values assigned to them. If anyone knows what those slots are, please let me know.


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