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Originally posted by SlasherX:
But, what about the fighter superioty. I didn't see much at all. They're weren't much TIE fighters. There would be at least 100 to 1000 fighters that the Death Star could hold.
And they only sent 4 TIE fighters after the falcon. Again Imperial Arrogance, similar to todays navy the captains dont want to be in command of fighters, they want to command Big ships, that is where the glory, and status is. Yes the DS had lots of fighter, but The Imperials couldn't belive that a single X-wing, with 2 torpedoes could destroy the station, therefore didn't thing off them as threat
I would usually expect Imperials would be cowards more and a lot of them switch sides for personal reasons and money later in the war.
Where did you get that idea? Imperials are very loyal, and are stict enforcers of loyalty (Vader is a Good example)

There was such an huge difference between the 1st Death Star and the 2nd. I believe the 2nd one couldn't move at all, but just orbited the Endor Moon. It was supported with many starfighters and Star Destroyers once the Rebellion arrives.
Actaulyl it could move.. but only rotate. if it moved it would lose the protection of the Shields.

Another thing, is that the mission of the Battle of Endor for XWA wasn't realistic at all, didn't have the exact number of ships or starfighters to really re-enact like the movie. I wonder why?
The game does not allow you to have 30 + captial ships on a side, and thousands of fighters flying around. it jsut cant handle it. so they had to shorten it to allow for playablitiy
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