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Geez, the Empire could of really won the war if they're more responsible to take their actions more seriously.

Where did you get that idea? Imperials are very loyal, and are stict enforcers of loyalty (Vader is a Good example) the game TIE fighter, General Havoc and Admiral Thrawn switched sides for money.

Actaulyl it could move.. but only rotate. if it moved it would lose the protection of the Shields.
Of course I know that, all things rotate in space based on gravatational pulls from nearby planets or asteroids. But, I meant that it couldn't really get off orbit around the Endor Moon. But, I wasn't sure it could really get off orbit based on it's status of still being under construction.

The game does not allow you to have 30 + captial ships on a side, and thousands of fighters flying around. it jsut cant handle it. so they had to shorten it to allow for playablitiy
Yeah, but you got to agreed with me, the mission could of been done much better and realistic to the movie.
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