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I agree completely with what everyone else has said in this thread.

The 501st are on all maps (they are even the space clone, couldn't they have at least removed the blue for this?). Which dissapoints me quite a lot. I would have prefered just white clones, that would have made a least a little more sense (none of the "jedi killing clones" alongside Yoda and Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Then the clones themselves. What on Earth possessed the devs to make the Commander a Galactic Marine? Where the hell is the logic in that? A normal soldier, infact a only on snow terrain soldier, is a commander. I wouldn't have been so angry if it was Bacara, then it would have at least been a Commander. Oh wait. Bacara is the heavy trooper. A one of a kind soldier is the heavy trooper.

At least the CW space battles make sense. Oh wait. They don't either. The CIS bomber is General Greivous' ship. Right. The Clone marine is a 501st trooper too. The Venator and CIS capital ships are probably the same interior as well.

The GCW space is messed up too. The latest presentation videos DO show that the SD and the Calamari ships are basically the same. And the Calamari ships... they made these up, didn't they? I can't remember seeing these in the Old Trilogy! The Empire gets a Theta class, and the Rebels a Gunship. What the hell? The Theta class is forgivable, but the gunship is whacked up.

And there's more, but I've got to go now.

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