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(come on guys post....please)

Bruce took a step forward nad then turned quickly and punched Jax in the head. Jax fell, shocked, to the floor. Bruce then kicked him in the hand. His already broken hand cracked and Jax yelled out. The stormtroopers looked over at them and pointed. The rancor saw them, made up it's tiny mind and walked towards them. Bruce turned and switched on his jet pack. he f;ew around the beasts head and shot at it. He was like a fly to the rancor. It simply struck at him and he went flying into a wall. Bruce bounced off the wall and landed heavily on the floor near Jax. Jax ran, withdrew his lightsaber, ignited it and was about to stab bruce when the rancor knocked him aside. It must have thought he was a rival for his meal. But jax had managed to clip the Bruce's jet pack. Bruce turned to see the rancor roar at Jax and then turn it's head to bruce. who hadn;t realised what jax had done. He pushed a button in his glove which was suppose to activate the jet pack. It fizzled and bruce rose about 2 feet then fell to the ground. He looked at his jet pack. he tried again this time nothing.
"Oh shi-"
The rancor granned him. Bruce Screamed the rancor tore him in half and then ate him
Jax thought he would throw up but he didn't. He ran around a corner and dived into a small house. He sat there shaking. and listened as the rancor walked away. Jax sat up and gripped his lightsaber. His comm sudenly buzzed.
"Jax this is....admiral....Gri... there head...and.....wea...pon....Get out!"
Jax barly heard what was said. He had no way of getting off this planet. The shuttle was miles away. He had to radio Don
"Don you hear that?"
"yeah...what do we do?"
"gather the survivors and take them back to the shuttle ASAP...then re-group with the alliance. Make sure you land on a ship with fighters...preferably our fighters"
"got that...and what about you?"
"i'll figure something out....and Don.....take...Nekx body back...please"
"Sure...good luck boss"
Jax was about to say what he always said when someone called him boss. But stopped
"thanks Don"
Don wondered why this had struck so much fear into Jax's heart. He didn't know if he should take it seriously or not. Don turned and told his men to retreat.


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