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My book is no longer homeless.....

I have done it, Ive actualy gone and done it.
Unfortunately that doesn't mean Ive finished the book (Although nearly done 30k words !).
What it DOES mena is that I have done a site for it. I have managed to do quite a bit already, although there is still a fair bit to go. I have message board, guest book, my own PROPER chat room, mini poll questions, and I have even posted a bit of my book (Chapter list, Cut Scene 1 - you'll see when you go - and you WILL be going !)

The address is :
Quite a mouth full, and the decor is a little cliche, but beyond that, it's all my own work and Im proud of how my first ever website looks !

I expect to see names on the guest book, and ideas on the message board.... !

My chat room won't really see much use for a while - maybe it could be the room for A while if Mods reckon it worthwhile.

I am SO yped over this - its SOOOO cool !!!

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