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(Favoring Wedge now, JediOfDoom? I was waiting for Renegade Angel. I thought he would've posted. Man, this really bums. When I was his age I had all the time I wanted and I still do. Crazy crap. Anyways, let's kick butt. I mean, shall I kick butt? )

Renae came to a sudden stop on his speeder as he met up with corporal Fejia. They had just escaped some crazy Rebel, more insane that any he's seen before. No, this Rebel was a monster. He'll have to let his leading officer know of the situation. Or, actually, he's probably already dead thanks to the AT-AT.
"Fejia, report," he demanded.
"Sir, the Rebels three hundred meters north of here are gathering together. They appear to be retreating away from the base." Fejia reported.
"Strange. They almost never go into a retreation method."
"Yes, but they are now. Should we get on the move again, sergeant?"
"Absolutely, we should find a transport. We'll need something that's small and will be fast."
"Where exactly will we be going?"
"To the Emperor's Servant."
"You heard. Alright, let's go."

(I'll tell you right now, this thread's topic says Phantom: The Revenge. I originally took it as the Empire's revenge, so far that's all that has been happening, and that's all that's going to happen. It's my revenge. I'm tired of your pitiful last milisecond and quick escapes. You will not survive throughout this one, my dear friend. Mira will betray you, Stu will die, and you will be put under life-long heavy survailance aboard the Emperor's Servant.)

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