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Need the help.
The vast knowledge of Star Wars that is should know this...

Ackbar - we know he was captured, and Tarkin used him as a slave. I have loked all over place, and cannot find anything before that. I hope there is not, as I am going to tell Ackbar's story in my book, Crossfire.
I have already muffed continuity once (had to restart COMPLETELY over that !). As such, last check - does ANYONE know if there anything out there. Pretty, absoloutley, fairly, 99.9% sure there is not, but REALLY acnnot afford to eff up so badly again, although it would not be QUITE so bad comapred to the first time.
So - come on, help me out here !

Plus, I think I have found a site that tried as I did a while ago, to collect together loads of writers from online. I am going to see if I can coax some over. Woud be great for both crossfire and

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