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Jax started to run. where he did not know. He had a plan lodged in his brain. He had to get back to Gus. He had to get out of here. what was this weapon? why did he feel sudenly cold? why was that snake yellow? wait a yellow snake? jax turned. A strip of yellow jump suit was on the ground. was it stu's? Jax did not know. He kept running and running. He eventually found him self at the AT-AT. It was motion-less. Jax heard something...the shuttle had taken off. Jax knew he was help-less....unless....he ran back to the clearing. The Firespray ship. He ran aboard. He had no idea how stu could ever faver this peice of junk. He started it. and when he did he heard something...something...strange...a scream. He had no idea where it was coming seemed to be in his head. It screamed louder and louder. The ramp closed and the ship set off. His head ringed with the sound. He stumbled. He managed to plot a coarse...then he fell. his lightsaber glowed and then flickered. Jax eyes opened his eys and he saw the hatred and fear that he had felt for years. Jax could not think straight he stumbled and blacked out


I know what you're thinking, I know how you're feeling, Believe me. You're not alone.

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