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Actually Darth333, when i downloaded it it did not come with an actual folder just the file rrr.rar that was like over a 1000 kb. I know how to install mods cuz i have quite a few. and i did put it in my override folder. can u think of anything i did wrong? Is it just putting in the code then looking in your items list? I typed giveitem g_a_mstrrobe55
didnt work. Is there onlly certain places that it works or other mods it doesnt go with?

I never saw a readme. Like i said the only thing that it came with was the file rrr.rar I got that from svoshes website where I clicked on the picture to download it. And the rrr.rar wasnt a folder just a file like what u extract from a folder.

By the way Darth333, do they have a guide for dummies like me.

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