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whats the point then by asking people to not comment if they dont like it?

I will do what ever i want.

I guess IMHO i think the NJO is designed for the people who are pre-qual fans, and not OT fans. the whole Classic Trek, vs Next Gen trek argument.

Fantesy writers should never be allowed to do SCI_FI... the first series of NJO novels, foucuses too much on the Jedi, and what they can or cannot do. Then the plots are so predictable in that Whatever the main characters learn, or do, the Enemy ends up winning in the end. THe VOng are supppsioe ot be Xeno-phobic, sadistic, pain'death loving aliens. Yet it that was really true, the race would have killed itself before they even learn how to make an Internal combustion engine. Hitorically, a pure militiristic government cannot survive beyond 1 or 2 generations.

I dont feel any of the authors except the last one got the characters right. again IMHO i rate the whole NJO series slighty bettter the "Crystal Star" and below KJA "Darksaber/children of the Jedi" duology

With Balance point being the best novel.

In short, try to find the novels in paperback at a used bookstore, but get Balance point in Hardcover if you can. It is worth it.
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