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I finished reading Balance point. The whole story Pretty much revolves around Anakin. And there is a interesting twist near the End, before he goes into battle.

Tho i hate the fact that they used the Kiddie books of Anakin for a referance *shudders at remmbering* Vaders Glove There is a totally unknown "Jedi Master", and Anakins Freind/love interest is also a total unknown.

Concept behind the book was good, Characters sucked. Liea and Han were "away" thoughout the whole book. but you do get to see a bit of the Vong Life, and how they act, and why. The the idea of a Race that strives for death being able to deveople space travel is beyond me. I wonder why they didn't commit mass Genocide thousands of years ago.

Anywhoo, for me it was a typical NJO novel. The EU novels were much simpler when they revovled around the "Big 4" Luke, liea, Han, and chewie. Now the authors have no idea who to use, and what to use known characters.

blargh.. rambling...

If you like reading about Jedi Fighting, read it, for pure entertainemtn, but i still feel that the whole NJO is far from any hint of Continuity that was established in the Movies, and previous novels
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