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Originally posted by Nute Gunray:
They should try call up Tom Clancy, slap down a pile of reference material, and say "write us a SW novel" and see what happens.
What would happen would be The Black Fleet Crisis all over again. Once was enough.

Being able to write good military fiction does not translate into being able to write good Star Wars.

Originally posted by K_Kinnison:
Tho i really dont like how Kyp is being portrayed in NJO. He was arrogent b4, but now he is almsot as bad as Borsk Fey'la in being the #1 Arsehole in NJO
I've been saying this for months.

Unless some future book set immediately after the Jedi Academy Trilogy explains Kyp's total change of direction (character-wise), NJO just can't be excused.

I understand that he'd be trying to prove himself after going to the Dark Side, but realistically, he'd be following Luke's lead. Luke was the one who took him in when the rest of the galaxy was clamoring for his head.

Kyp wouldn't be trying to prove himself to the public, he'd be trying to prove himself to <strike>Farmboy</strike> Luke and the other Jedi.

TPTBs behind NJO needed someone to come up hard-line against Skywalker, they just grabbed a known EU name without regard to previous character development.

Originally posted by K_Kinnison:
Tho i hate the fact that they used the Kiddie books of Anakin for a referance *shudders at remmbering* Vaders Glove There is a totally unknown "Jedi Master", and Anakins Freind/love interest is also a total unknown.
Actually, I with more of Anderson/Moesta & Richardson's Junior/Young Jedi Knights material made it in.

If she was handled well, Tahiri (Anakin's first gf) would actually be an interesting character, and I'd love to see "the gang"(*) back together.

* Jacen, Jaina, Tenel Ka, Zekk, Lowbacca, M-TD --heck, even seeing Raynar would be cool.

Hmm. Maybe Tenel Ka would actually be able to get through to the Vong; she seems to share their pride in bodily mutilations.

Besides, we Jaina/Zekk shippers need more than fanfic slash.

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