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Originally Posted by Mono_Giganto
That's interesting, because, you know, they both work for me. And for most other people. Perhaps the problem is on the user's end. (That's you.)

Not sure if that was crticism but either way neither of them worked for me.

And I didnt mean Redhawk is a bad modder I was just mad that I couldnt get those to work. I actually like Redhawks work it just upseted me that I couldnt get those 2 mods to work.

By the way the Redemtion Robes and Redhawks Revan/Sith/Bastila Pack dont mix very well. I tried using the blue and tan robes on bastila and Canderous and put Redhawks Revan Robe on me and everytime I go through a loading spot my outfit changes to either the blue or tan robes. They are still cool though, it wouldnt bother me only my character is evil.

By the way I hear T7 is on the TSL Restoration Project, or I saw your name on one of the mods. Good Luck, I see its coming along nicley.

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