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the njo story line is an excellent example of political maneuverings that happen all the time in the media. look at the world trade organization right now in quebec city. police in riot gear is throwing tear gas at peaceful protestors. who is villianized? the protestors. *sigh* just goes to show that the masses will believe everything that is on television. citizens of the star wars universe wouldnt act any differently than us if there was an undefeatable enemy pushing towards us and there was no hope of escape. fear is a powerful motivator.

its kind of like the daoist belief that all ppl are inherently good and how would the new order possibly exist if this were true? media propaganda and a whole ****loat of social engineering. clinton bombed another country to deflect media attention from his sexual escapades right? he KILLED innocents with that bombing order but he still steps dwon as the most popular president in history.

and its about time that someone looks deeper into jedi and jedi philosophy. i admit that there are times that they beat on it till its dead (like the whole jason solo thing) but everyone has to admit that the whole reason that starwars is around is because of jedi...or else everyone would be star trek fans right? i dunno am i going on too mush about this?
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