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Girl in Dire Need of Help

I have read all of the hint and help forums that deal with the milkman level. I have found no help. I have entered every single house and opened every fridge. (I did not shut the fridge doors after opening them, though). I have opened every trunk. I have the riffle and the crow's feather. For these help forums I've found that I don't need the crow's feather yet. I've slightly messed around with the code pad at the post office. In my opinion, messing around with that makes matters worse. I don't know where to use the riffle. I don't know what that "Ammo Up' thing I got from the house wife is supposta do. I am stuck. I am running around this dang level making a fool of myself, and I keep falling off the sides and getting arrested. I NEED some advise. Please, no riddles or "hints". If you feel you must help me through these things, please make it simple and easy. I have NO idea what to do and I really like this game and want to keep going. Thank you for yout time and help. -Andrea
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