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I am interested in the star wars universe, the idea of a well devopled space faring galaxy, when you can go into a nearby bar, see a dozen reconizable races, and a dozen un-reconizable races all enjoying a poisin of choice.

I am interested inthe Star wars universe where there is the classic Good verses Evil battle.

I am interested in the Star Wars universe becasue of the Eastern style Jedi teachings, andthe "holy knights" of good verses evil.

[ sarcasum mode ] If NJO is an Example of moderan era "poilitics" then we should be seeign shina take over Asia, and nearby Island countires while commiting mass Genocide in the process. While NATO, UN, and every other country cowers at home selling off thier loved ones so "they wont get hurt" That is the example that NJO does.

I hae ranted before on people trying to compare the moderan era politics to NJO.. IT DONT WORK!

The Vong are Xenophoic, stubborn, Religious Zelots, who highest form of morality is self mutalation, sacrifices, and Suicidal tendicies. can you find a group on earth that belives the same? no i dont think so
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