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Well, there is another new book out, Edge of Victory: Conquest. I agree that Kyp's character has been kinda cr*py, Luke isn't as much of a hero anymore, that Han Solo's character has gone to sh*t, Corran being banished was not very cool, and that killing the classic characters will not be good. The first sets of books in the series were very dissapointing. My biggest complaint is that Mara Jade has gone a little to soft and isn't as strong a warrior as she once was. The fire I used to see in her has faded. I wish someone would fix this. HOWEVER, with the arrival of Balance Point, the books have been slowly gaining the fire that I love in most of the SW books. The newest addition, Edge of Victory: Conquest, has also got me waiting on the edge of my seat for the next addition. I think it is a good book. Tahiri is back, that should be enough to get evryone reading this book. Also, Corran makes a small guest appearance, so does Kardde. The books are slowly, yet surly getting better. So, to conclude, don't give up on the NJO series, not just yet.
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