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I think that you are all being too tough on the series.
It is for a new generation. The same applies for Ep 1 - it was for a new generatoin, not for the vets who grew up knowing and loving the original trilogy.
If you look at it from that angle, then it is actually one of the best things that George Lucas has allowed.
I am also a fan of the series myself. I like the new spin on things, and feel that the Han storyline was a powerful idea, that through all the missions, hassle and battles, they are not invincible, no matter what you may believe. We are are flesh and blood, and will never transcend that.
You see, I am a Star Wars fan that enjoys the whole universe (even Ep1 and the various crap spin offs in their own little way) but like to look betwee the lines and read into it.
eg - the classic trilogy - a fight against xenophobic oppression. People - whether friends, family, strangers, same race or droid, all banded together into a well oiled group, who faced morals and ethics whislt trying to fight a war, in which morals and ethics are normally the first casualty. They kept their dictinction from the enemy through out, whilst still winning.
The voyage of discovery for Luke had begun, and continues in NJO series, now widening to encompass the entire Jedi Order, to the point of the wielding of the order. As the only jedi left with any remote knowledge of the old ways, and no mentors left to aid him, can he ever be sure that his teachings and ideals are correct.
The factions of the New Republic bickering, the factions of the Jedi bickering. The slow rot is still there, yet even slower. No one has yet to rise for the throne, but I doubt it long. Will history repeat itself in the face of such a pure adversary, one against whom the defenders of peace in the galaxy are of no effect.
The very advatages they relied upon - diplomacy, starfighters, Jedi, use of the Rim worlds, solidarity - are becoming obselete. They must rely on technology purely, something that was the Emperors ideal - technology was the way to rule - through fea of the IRON fist (metal implied).

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