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Edlib's right. Lucas originally planned a trilogy of trilogies, but now he's only planning six movies (eight if you count the Ewok movies ).

I think it's both because it took so long to get TPM, Ep II and Ep III out of the dock, and because the story as it's set up now would end with RotJ. It's the story of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, not Luke & co.

Originally posted by K_Kinnison:
Besides what would Ep 7-9 be about? would he trash EU and write his own post-empire story?
Please don't encourage him, you know he would.

That's my big complaint about Lucas; he's gone so far as to have Lucasfilm maintain this impossibly complicated continuity, yet throws it all out at will.

I understand that it's his universe and he has priority, but he could at least make allowances for the fandom.

Hopefully, after Ep III is finished, Lucasfilm/books/arts will issue a definitive "proto-canon," since Lucas hopefully won't be adding anything to screw it up any more.

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