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(excuse me,but i beleive thi is BEFORE halo 3,dont mind my saying.i dont mean any offence,i am just stating that its before halo 3)

in a matter of seconds the hunters lay dead on the ground.just to make sure,i filled their heads with lead.i walked off towards the bridge."surely covenant would be there,trying to kill the captain and steal the ships AI" i said to my self.when i got there,only marines,pilots,the captain,and the ships AI.i knew somthing was wrong.i went up to the captain,and to the other marines it looked like i was about to turn and kill the captain.although my SMGs were at his head,i wasnt about to turn.i pulled the tirgger and a covenant besides the captain fell dead to the floor.the captain was stunned."stealthed targest have breached to perimeter!" i yelled at the marines.they started blasting everything they could.pilots,officers,and the captain ducked for cover.little did he marines know,they couldnt hit anything their size.the elites had retreated the grunts came stomping in."never rely on marines.." i said to myself.i crouched and started blasting.when a bullet was "about to hit the officers" a grunt fell dead to the floor.the entire bridge becam a civil war feild...

the covenant is invading!
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