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I love the playable Jedi, crazy about the 6th class and space battles, but the only thing I'm worrying about is that this bad boy won't run on my computer.

The graphics look so good on it, and they made the maps MUCH bigger than the previous version. I want to know the specs at least 1 and 1/2 months before the game's release the specs so I can get my comp read if needed.

I run BF1 mostly on normal, and one or 2 setting on low. Also, Naboo Hills , the Endor and Yavin maps have a pretty bad framerate and lag HORRIBLE online, and those are the largest maps.

All the others are playable. But I want to be sure I can run this, I'm a loyal BF1 fan and will hopefully be a BF2 one also. My main thing is online play, and if it don;t work for my PC i'm not buying it.

So far though, I sorta like the way their going. (just tell me it can run on my comp and I'll love it!)
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