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Sorry folks but I need to say something to KOTOR fan the n00b! But I will restrain myself... I promise.
Originally Posted by KOTOR fan
Im trying to find all the crap from that Ord Mandell planet that i put in the override and its taking me forever. It doesnt even work, neither does that retarded Weebuls and Uttinis shop both by Redhawk.
1. You have no idea what a RAR file is...

2. You have problems reading a carefully written readme file...

3. You cannot seem to communicate very well... And posting while having a fit is a sign of this.

4. And you have basic comprihension problems...

You actually used the word retarded and crap toward my mods that work? You sir are really the one who needs to look at what you wrote and take stock in your own personal problems, and for the future, think real hard about what you want to say, and how you need to say it, before you actually go and post it.

[Insert Baby Cries Here] Whaaaaaa... I'm throwing a tantrum because I cannot read and I have no patience! Whaaaaaaaa! [Insert Even More Crying Sounds Here] Seriously KOTOR fan this is what your post sounds like to me! Very immature!

Originally Posted by Mono_Giganto to KOTOR fan
That's interesting, because, you know, they both work for me. And for most other people. Perhaps the problem is on the user's end. (That's you.)
I'm glad Mono said that, because after being called retarded you wouldn't want to hear my advice to you. It involves a Shadow Pain Amplifier!

Originally Posted by KOTOR fan
Not sure if that was crticism but either way neither of them worked for me.
Nope KOTOR fan, that was proper criticism... and I agree with Mono, the problem is on your end.

The best solution to your problem, and yes it is your problem alone, would be to actually read the mods readme files and the thread that Darth333 wrote for new modders... and if you are having comprihension problems with that thread, or anyone's readme files, then we can do nothing for you as comprihension problems are still something you have to work on from your end.

Lastly, in the future think before you post... bad form KOTOR fan... Bad Form!

Now let's get back on topic...

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